Enterprises today need to extend their reach, reduce their costs, and lower the response times of their services to customers, employees, and suppliers. Typically, applications that provide these services must combine existing enterprise information systems (EISs) with new business functions that deliver services to a broad range of users.
The services need to be:
• Highly available, to meet the needs of today’s global business
• Secure, to protect the privacy of users and the integrity of the
• Reliable and scalable, to ensure that business transactions are
accurately and promptly processed.
In most cases, enterprise services are implemented as multitier applications. The middle tiers integrate existing EISs with the business functions and data of the new service. Maturing web technologies are used to provide first tier users with easy access to business complexities, and eliminate or drastically reduce user administration and training.
The Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java™ EE) reduces the cost and complexity of developing multitier, enterprise services. Java EE applications can be rapidly deployed and easily enhanced as the enterprise responds to competitive pressures.